• Jun 3 '14
    Paddys owners took him to our vets to be killed because he had become an inconvenience to them as they were returning home to the UK (disgusting, disgraceful people). As Paddy is healthy and has absolutely no issues, our vet refused to kill him and called Colleen the owner of our shelter, who went and collected him. Sheri Bowditch and Sue Birmingham have stepped up to take him to the UK and find him a home. With Becky Sweetman Cbdh permission we can now ask you to help with transport costs to get him there. Sheri has already donated €120 so we just need another €130. We will get a passport done for him. It restores my faith in humans that people who never met this lovely boy are prepared to help him when the person who owned him for 7 years just didnt. Paddy you are about to get a much better home than the one you have known. Thank you so much everyone. paypal paradisekennels@live.com
    Jun 3 '14
    Please help if you can
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