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Now that I have had time to settle in and meet the new family, have a BBQ and scoff a few treats I can sit quietly in the sun and plan how I can show that I am full of life.

I won't be this quiet for long!!
Kenobi May 13 '14 · Comments: 1 · Tags: kenobi
All the travel and meeting the family, not to mention two 1 kilometre walks meant I was very tiered on my first night but luckily there was a bed waiting for me. Does the colour suit me though?

Kenobi May 11 '14 · Tags: kanobi
The flight from Madrid to Alicante was quite short and I was expecting to be running around shortly after the plane landed but no!
As I was not accompanied by any human Spanish Customs considered that I was a package and required clearance.
This meant a lot of questions about my value (of course I'm priceless) and a few pieces of paperwork needed to be completed all this took two very long hours.
But after that it was only a twenty minute drive and I was introduced to my new family.
Kenobi May 11 '14 · Rate: 5 · Tags: kenobi
Seven days seemed a long, long time to wait but with a bit more hard work from all those trying to help I was finally on my way.
First flying to Madrid, staying overnight then next day flying on to Alicante.
Here I am saying goodbye.
Kenobi May 11 '14 · Tags: kenobi

Although everyone had worked very hard to raise the funds to make my flight to the mainland possible when I arrived at the airport there was a problem with my travel arrangements and my trip was cancelled.

Every one was very disappointed and guess where I ended up that night!

Kenobi May 11 '14 · Tags: kenobi

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