Many of the dogs featured are in municipal facilities and can only be kept for a limited period by adopting one you will save a life !

Welcome to The Spotted Dog

My name is Kenobi ( not Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi that is a fictional character ) I am a real person and want to tell you my story to make you understand that with a little faith, hope and charity a dogs life can change forever.

The story didn’t start too well, athough I was on a beautiful island called Lanzarote, I had no ‘real’ home and ended up in a cage!


Even though I spent 12 months living there one person called Nuria had faith in me and never gave up trying to find my ‘forever sofa’.

Nuria tried to make sure every one knew about my situation, puting my picture on a thing called ‘Facebook’ and even a moving picture on somthing else called ‘Youtube’. This did get humans interested in me but after three failed attempts at getting me a family things were looking bleak.

Then I was ‘Spotted’ by humans who already had a family but had lost a Dalmatian and though I looked really handsome.

The problem was that I was over 1500 kilometres from their home, not to mention a wide expanse of ocean!

Nuria was convinced that this was a problem that could be solved and set to work finding a solution.

With some generous help from friends the funds were arranged and my flight booked but that's where my story begins please follow me through my blog and see how my life is changing.



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Kenobi May 13 '14
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Kenobi May 11 '14
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